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New Mac Studio and MacBook Air: Have Apple’s processors changed?

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Apple abandoned the use of Intel processors in its laptops since the beginning of last June, and the era of complete transition to Apple processors began with the launch of the new Mac Pro, especially that many observers did not expect to provide the Mac Pro with advanced technologies.

Apple recently launched two new models within the category of regular models and not from the category of high-performance devices, namely the MacBook Air 2023 model, which is the first laptop from Apple with a 15-inch screen, designed for beginners; and the MAC Studio desktop computer, known for its high-quality technical equipment, is often considered a luxury category device.

What is the New MacBook Air 15-inch?

Previously, the user, looking for a laptop with a large screen, had to buy a MacBook Pro, which is available at a high cost, but now he can count on the new model MacBook Air 15-inch, and at a much lower cost than the MacBook Pro.

And although the MacBook Pro provides the user with superior performance, better screens, and advanced headphones, the MacBook Air is replete with sufficient technical equipment to meet the user’s normal purposes at home and study.

The new 15-inch MacBook Air differs from the 13-inch model only in screen size, in addition to Apple installing a large battery to meet the increased power consumption of the big screen; it relied on a 66.5 battery instead of 52.6 watts per hour, and in order to enjoy surround sound, Apple used 6 headphones instead of 4 in the 15-inch model.

Similar to the smaller model, the new MacBook Air 15 allows the possibility of connecting only one external screen, and they do not emit any noise; due to the absence of any fans, which reduces performance in case of overloading the device to avoid damage due to overheating.

MacBook Air 15-inch computer, Apple launched this device in order not to force its customers, who want to get a laptop with a large screen, to buy the MacBook Pro model and incur a lot of expenses just to get a big screen.

Apple continued to introduce the previous model with the M1 processor within the package of models, but it is available in the 13-inch model only, in addition to the availability of the same model equipped with the super-performance M2 processor.

 M2 processor

What is Apple’s new Mac Studio?

new MAC Studio desktop computer comes in a distinctive body made of aluminum, and it was made from a single block like the Mac Mini, but it is noticeably higher, as there are two Mac Mini devices placed on top of each other, and the additional space can be used to upgrade the MAC Studio beyond the needs of most users.

technical equipment package of the basic model includes the M2 Max processor with 12 cores for computing and 30 cores for graphics, in addition, the MAC Studio computer can be upgraded and equipped with the M2 ultra processor, which provides twice the performance and memory of the M2 Max processor.

In the M2 ultra processor, Apple assembled two processors from the Mac M21 using the ultra-fusion technology, and the luxury model of the MAC Studio computer includes 192 GB RAM and an internal memory (SSD) of 8 terabytes.

In order for the high-performance Mac not to cause noise on the desktop, Apple installed a copper internal heat sink in the Ultra models, but in the test, model equipped with the processor M2 Ultra the heat sink was made of aluminum.

Compared to the first generation of the MAC Studio computer equipped with the M1 Max processor, the new model continued to work quietly even with the continuous operation of complex tasks in the Final Cut Pro Program.

The user can notice the superior performance of the M2 Max processor when editing images and video processing and exporting a 3-minute video clip with a resolution of 4K in the Final Cut Pro Program by the Apple ProRe format, the MAC Studio computer equipped with the M2 Max processor needed only 30 seconds, which is a very good value, and the MAC Studio computer has a great efficiency in dealing with contents.

Compared to the current 27-inch iMac, exporting an 8K video clip in the Final Cut Pro Program with the use of the M2 Max processor is done 3 times faster, and if the MAC Studio computer includes the M2 ultra processor, the video is exported 5 times faster, and the user also benefits from video editing programs such as Davinci Resolve Studio or Topaz Video AI available on the Mac computer Studio.

Thanks to the superior performance of the graphics card, the advantages of the MAC Studio computer are not limited to performing work tasks smoothly, but it can also be used to run games, and although Mac devices are rarely used to run video games, the device that has been tested can compete with traditional desktop computers dedicated to gaming, and this can be seen when playing the game Shadow of the Tomb Raider The MAC Studio computer equipped with the processor M2 Max with a resolution of 1080 pixels and an image activation rate of 102 Hz.

Similar to the Mac mini equipped with the processor M2 Pro, the MAC Studio computer includes a lot of connection ports, including 4 Thunderbolt ports, two USB-A ports, An HDMI port, a headset port, an Ethernet port, in addition to the presence of two USB ports – ER on the front side and the SD memory card reader is not available in the Mac Mini, and the MAC Studio computer includes a 10 Gb Ethernet port and a 3.5 mm port for the headset or headphones.

Apple offers a very fast MAC Studio computer compared to traditional Windows computers, it does not emit much heat, it works quietly, and does not bother the user because of the noisy fan, but the MAC Studio computer is available at a higher cost than traditional Windows computers.

Similar to what happens with MacBooks, the user can upgrade the RAM installed inside the device later or expand the internal memory space by connecting an external SSD.

Apple Frequently Asked Questions

Can I run my existing apps on the new Mac Studio and MacBook Air?

Yes, thanks to Rosetta 2 technology, you can run your existing apps designed for Intel processors seamlessly on the new Mac Studio and MacBook Air.

Are there any benefits of using Apple’s processors in terms of battery life?

Absolutely! Apple’s processors are designed with power efficiency in mind, which means you can enjoy longer battery life on the new Mac Studio and MacBook Air compared to previous models.

Will I notice a significant performance improvement with Apple’s processors?

Yes, you will experience a significant performance improvement with Apple’s processors. Tasks like video editing, 3D rendering, and gaming will be faster and more efficient on the new Mac Studio and MacBook Air.

Can I still use software that is not optimized for Apple Silicon?

Yes, you can still use software that is not yet optimized for Apple Silicon. Rosetta 2 technology allows these apps to run smoothly on the new Mac Studio and MacBook Air.

What machine learning capabilities do Apple’s processors offer?

Apple’s processors incorporate a dedicated Neural Engine, which accelerates machine learning tasks. This enables advanced features like real-time language translation, image recognition, and personalized experiences within apps.

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