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New York Times report: Apple’s new AI strategy

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iOS 18, scheduled for release in September 2024, is poised to be one of the most significant updates in the history of Apple’s operating system. This update is expected to bring a host of new features, with a particular focus on enhancing Siri through advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

According to a report from The New York Times (via MacRumors), an upgraded version of Siri will be central to iOS 18. It appears that efforts to make Siri a more competent competitor to ChatGPT have been underway for more than a year.

Apple announced that it will host its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) online from June 10-14, 2024. Speculation is growing about what kind of AI features Apple might offer.

How is Apple incorporating generative AI into upcoming operating systems?

The upcoming iOS 18 update is set to transform Siri into a more powerful and responsive assistant. Apple plans to integrate Large Language Models (LLMs) into Siri, enabling it to handle more complex queries and perform tasks with greater autonomy and precision. This includes the ability to process and execute multiple commands simultaneously, such as creating GIFs from photos and sending them, or conducting more intelligent searches with the built-in Spotlight feature.

Apple’s approach to generative AI will focus on practical benefits for the end-user while simultaneously attempting to preserve user privacy by using on-device LLM.

Apple intends to introduce AI-related improvements to several of its built-in system apps beginning next month, including Siri, Spotlight Search, Messages, Mail, and Safari.

What did Mark Gurman post on Twitter?

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has posted on social media about how these upgrades will work: Apple is developing its own in-house LLMs (Large Language Models) for local, on-device work, and for cloud processing, Gurman says.

It’ll then integrate a third-party chatbot into its software: either ChatGPT from OpenAI or Google Gemini, as we’ve already heard. Gurman says “it’s the same playbook as search” – so while Siri can search the web, Apple has a partnership with Google for doing the actual searching work. Expect something similar with AI.

What are the expected capabilities and features of iOS 18?

Enhanced Multitasking: Siri will likely be able to perform more complex tasks without user intervention. For example, users might ask Siri to get directions and play music in a single command, reflecting a more seamless integration of services.

Improved Interaction: With the integration of generative AI, Siri’s ability to understand and engage in more nuanced conversations is expected to improve significantly. This means that interactions with Siri could become more natural and contextually aware, mirroring human-like conversations.

On-Device Processing: A key aspect of the AI enhancements in iOS 18 involves processing data directly on the device. This shift aims to enhance privacy and speed, as Siri will be able to handle requests without always needing to connect to the cloud.

How will the new AI improvements affect User Experience?

The integration of advanced AI technologies in Siri is expected to redefine how users interact with their devices. By making Siri smarter and more capable, iOS 18 could significantly enhance productivity and convenience for iPhone and iPad users. This update is anticipated to make Siri a more integral and frequently used feature, potentially changing the way users engage with their devices daily.


iOS 18 represents a major step forward in the evolution of Apple’s operating system, with Siri at the heart of this transformation. The adoption of generative AI technologies is set to make Siri not only more intelligent but also more indispensable to users, marking a significant leap in how voice assistants are used in mobile technology.

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